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Photography gadgets is one of the interesting topics to any photographer. Every photographer is seeking to get better on the never ending learning curve. The market now is full of millions and millions of accessories and gadgets that make anyone hard to know exactly what he wants. I've narrowed down mine to only 7

My top 7 Gadgets:

7- Peak Design  Capture Pro clip  - 80$ (link to amazon)

Peak design is one of the companies that always make creative and innovative products. this is my favorite, the clip allows me to attach my camera anywhere, on the shoulder strap or on the belt. accessibility was never easier than this.

6- Joby Gorillapod (50$ on amazon)

The Joby Tripod is the go-to tripod wherever I go. If I take my travel tripod or the massive one, the Joby is still with me in the bag. Its lightweight, sturdy and small. I've been using it for years now and still its on my top list. You can clip it on nearly everything. It never failed me.

5- Black Rapid Sport belt (70$ on amazon)

The black rapid sports edition is just a pleasure to use, from weight distribution to the easiness of sliding the camera to your eye and dropping it again

4- Think Tank Addon Bags (around 30$ each on amazon)

Think tank were genius with these bags. Originally designed to be attached to a belt, but they they can also be easily attached to any bag as an addon. I have this small bag of filters that I just attach it to my shoulder pack or the backpack and stays perfectly secure. It gives you flexibility every time you decide on which bag to carry.

3- The Waterproof Card holder (7$ on amazon)

Its as simple as it seems but incredibly useful. This is a 7$ holder that is water/shock resistant. I usually carry many memory cards, 2 or 3 high quality ones and  lots of inexpensive ones as backups. You should never be short of memory space!

2- Giottos Rocket Air Blaster (10$ on Amazon)

This is a must have for any photographer. The thing that cleans almost everything 90% of the time. It removes the dust without ever touching the surface. A must must have that should always be in your bag. Never wipe your lens with a piece of cloth without blowing first.

1- and the winner is The iPad mini 4!

Thats the winner for me and yes its the mini, not the air and not the pro. The ipad mini's screen is fantastic, its size is just perfect. Its nearly weightless yet very powerful. Lightroom mobile edition is getting better and better and with this powerful small device you can do initial editing, take backups, sort and organize and do a big deal of your off-camera workflow on the go. Its just a pleasure to use even when having your pc near by. I see the ipad mini as the best photographer companion ever.

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