Hands on Fuji 16mm F1.4 WR new lens - Mohamed Hakem's Photography

First of all, this is not a full review. This is just the first hands on the lens. I was lucky enough to meet Fuji's regional marketing manager and he had one for me to see.

The looks of theThe lens is pretty much the same look as the 23mm,  Slightly taller and bulkier at the end but the overall feeling is less in weight. it has the same manual ring and of course a WR mark which means the lens is weather sealed.

Distortion. I was quit astonished as there was no distortion at all. I haven't tried it in front of a brick wall and the ugly charts but things was not distorted at the center and at the edge. this was quit fascinating as it was much optically better than the narrower 18mm F2.  you can see in the picture below the boy on the right well formed with no distortion

JPEG right out of the camera, 1/2500 ISO200 F1.4

Bokeh Don't expect much shallow depth of field as you have to get very close to subjects. however the bokeh was nice and handled smoothly.

F1.4 1/1500 ISO200

The lens is very sharp and the center and the corners

Its a very good close up lens that can focus on about 15 cm

The only Gotcha on this lens is the chromatic aberration when shot on 1.4 in harsh light. It is absolutely optically impossible to have a lens that produces no problems at these circumstances but given the standard that Fuji set on its lenses we have to report it. 

look at the zipper. you will find the pinkish aberration

Original one

you can find the pink line on the guys shirt

Final word

The lens is amazing in distortion handling. Quite small for a 1.4 wide angle. I could imagine that it will be a beast for stars and milky ways. A must have for landscape photographers but I don't expect that it would be a hit for fuji like the 56 did. 


-Small in size for an F1.4

-No distortion

-Impressive minimal focal distance.

-Very sharp


Some aberrations wide open 1.4 in harsh light

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