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Whats all the fuss about fuji cameras? Are they really any good? Are they a poor man’s Leica? Or Just a miniature SLR? Are they really Quality cameras or just another bridges semi professional alternatives to Canon and Nikons P and L series. Unfortunately some people doesn’t know Fuji or know them only by their Studios and cheap point and shoot cameras. Some people think that they are just another Tokina or Sigma companies who make second grade cameras and lenses for top brands.

But the truth is that Fuji are not any of those, Fuji is one of the founders in the photography field. Fuji make lenses and films many years before canon was born. Fuji make Top grade lenses, when I say top grade I’m not referring to Nikkor Lenses and Canon’s L series, But to 99,000$ and 200,000$! Yes 99 thousands.

Fuji make medium format sensors and they really know how to make sensors in general, not like Nikon who borrows it from Sony. They also help in the design of Hassleblad cameras, for those who don’t know what a Hassleblad is, it is a medium format camera which means that it features a bigger sensor than the full frame 35mm

Most importantly fuji know colors, fuji are make films and photographic receivers since the 30s, and they excelled at the light receiving mediums overtaking their american giant rival Kodak. They were the first to begin switching to the digital sensors and since then they always make state of the art sensors. Fuji’s last innovation was something called X-Trans sensor. This sensor uses different pixel patterns that eliminates the usage of an internal filter called AntiAliasing resulting in sharper images. Their sensors are known for unique color rending that most of the real photographers admire. Fuji are also on the verge of unveiling a new thing called organic sensors that will revolutionize the digital sensor world, a new sensor that provides a near double dynamic range, double the color depth and a 1.2-1.5X more ISO capability. Here is the link for the news:


So what is the newest line of fuji cameras? where does it actually lie in the photographic world? Fuji made a new line called X that features a retro look of an all metal body (Leica Style)coupled with their new x-trans sensor and an impressive line of fujinion lenses.

This new system proved itself for the last couple of years and made lot of pros switch completely to Fuji. Fuji made other people including myself question their photographic lifestyle. Fuji observed well what photography really is nowadays and thought of a new product that offers what a lot of photographers really need. Today its all about DSLRs, yes there are minor people who uses medium format cameras who can splash out 100k$ on their equipment, another who can commit to a limited brand name called Leica. But the majority use DSLRs; a versatile system that offers excellent quality and a huge line of lenses. But what did fuji do different to take a share of an over saturated market full of giants like Nikon and Canon? Fuji gave photographers the real feel of a camera, they gave them passion for photography, they built a camera and listened carefully to what people really want. They hired photographers not marketeers. They did not just throw new features and gave their same camera another name to appeal to customers, they targeted real photographers not just any body. A real metal body, perfect manual dials, Exceptional image quality that rivals the sharpest of systems as the Lieca, small size as the good old days, a perfect line of lenses built solely for the system. The result was astonishing. They made me see the nikon and the fuji quality as a Toyota compared to Mercedes. Yes the Toyota has more features and maybe better performance, but i’d still ride a Mercedes. The system still yet is not considered a direct rival for the DSLRs, but it offers what a camera really means. In a small light weight sexy looking camera lies an exceptionally high Image quality sensor. A camera that you can easily take everywhere conveniently without the need to break your back, a camera that is always there and do not freak out people who find bazooka like lenses pointed at them scary.

A camera that is made to make you focus on the scene not on the settings. A camera that ignites the photography passion without the need to rob a bank and buy a Lieca. Normally the approach is you want to take a photo so you grab your DSLR and the lenses to take the photo, but the fuji makes you to want to take photos of everything around you, they allow you to see beauty by clearing your mind, yes its that enjoyable. I understood how people commit themselves to limited systems such as the Lieca and be happier and take better photos. If you’re not paid for photography then the weight and size of the DSLRs will break you one day and will gradually make you use and roam less with your camera. Yes the DSLRs are more capable, but its a measure of capability versus passion and mobility combined, would you use a more capable camera that you can carry 20% of your time or a lovely passionate one that you can have it with you 100%?

Sample from the Lovely Fuji X-Pro-1

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