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A lot of people are asking me why are you using Fujifilm cameras?. How can someone not be tempted with the supreme pixel count of a Canon 5DSR or don’t feel like having a 1dX or a D4 or D5 for the extreme ISOs? I’ve been asked if I will switch to sony for the full frame option. To answer these questions one must understand the Fuji Approach. Fujifilm is one of the oldest manufacturers in the world of photography, but we are talking about their professional line; the X series. How did Fuji manage to enter a saturated market dominated by the DSLRs And comvince people to switch?

Fuji left out the Technical race; Whether its mega pixels, sensor sizes ,Dynamic range etc... Providing just higher technical capabilities won’t make a camera breakthrough, that was the Case with the samsung NX1. Samsung used its technological  power to provide a camera wih extremely high features. But this reason is not enough for you to change your system, it maybe a reason to upgrade a camera body, but not to change your whole system. In a market of giants and severe competition, it will be extremely difficult to come and battle the likes of Nikon and Canon. It’s also never easy to change systems because after a while you will learn your camera by heart, you will have already invested thousands of dollars in lenses and accessories. So even when I find a better camera than my Nikon it was really hard for me to change.

So what did fuji do? Fujifilm went back to the basics. They restored the original definition of a camera; they left the specs aside and thought of what you need from a camera. you need a handy device, cool looking, superior build quality/materials, and excellent image quality with a huge support of equally built lenses. they went from a camera with great features to a camera you love. This allowed people to begin having a Fuji as a second body. After a few fuji camera releases people began to realize that they can completely rely on this system so why linger with bazooka like cameras?

and What about other manufacturers like Sony?

Fujifilm is not the direct rival of Sony. Sony is there to destroy the DSLRs. Sony are throwing features and capabilities at the face of DSLRs each day, and as we said two years ago, the DSLR is a dying breed. You want full frame? fine here is the best sensor in the sony A7RII, you want strong autofocus ? here it is, you want to keep your lenses? fine here are adaptors that will make all the features work, you want new lenses? ok Zeis will build for us the best 24-70 in the market. Sony is replicating what the DSLRs have with a mirrorless replacement. Sony is doing great but they ended up with equally sized lenses. It won’t be long until Sony completely replicates all what is the DSLRs are doing. But they are still missing the point. They have no target except replacing DSLRs and concentrating on the features. sticking to full frames did not give them any advantage in terms of size (see the picture on the right) They are still following “more features and capabilities is the way to go”

For a lot of people Sony is great but for a lot others like me Sony is just an update for the DSLRs. The fujis are different. Fuji build cameras that makes you love photography. They discarded the technical race and the screaming voices of going to full frame. That’s because after all these years of digital photography, we learnt something very valuable, that the marketing of all camera brands are encouraging people to run behind features that you might not need or will use once in your life.

Why the hell would I need half a million ISO? I just need a clean ISO3200. How many times have you used the expanded ISO on your camera? How many times have you needed a buffer of more than 200 RAW image? if that is what you seek then fine go and buy what offers the best in this particular area, but for 95% of the people out there they just don’t use these stuff. Why the hell would you need a 50MP camera? at some point I had Nikon’s D800 and Scib Paintings asked to buy a photo. I didn’t know that they would print the photo on a 7 by 5 meters billboard, however It was perfectly printed. I discovered afterwards that the picture was not from my D800 but from the older D700 which was 12MP and I had already cropped it out to 8MP!!!. I realized then that mega pixels is just a technical number and companies are just selling us unneeded features.

So that is exactly what Fujifilm are oposing. They are selling lovely cameras that will help you love photography again without any sacrifice. without having to hold a 10 KG bag. without having to deal with a 200Mega byte raw image, Without changing a camera model every 6 months. All of this with excellent image quality, with F1.2 lenses at the size of 50mm 1.8 full frame. They discarded the full frame talks and built a sensor capable of delivering extremely good photos. I don’t care what my sensor size is as long as I have excellent image quality. They freely upgrade your camera with firmwares for years. Why would I ask for more? Why would I bother with a 50 mega pixel Canon camera? I am no longer interested in this pointless race and I am focusing more on MY photography. I got a perfectly built solid metal small good looking camera, Excellent set of of small lenses, good precise autofocus and excellent image quality and very nice ISO performance with a special mojo in the camera. This Mojo comes from the easiness of using it thanks to the manual knobs everywhere on the camera. I enjoyed using fujis way more than the Nikons. And since my total commitment to the Fuji’s my camera was the XT-1 instead of the D800. The XT-1 was less capable in every technical aspect, but it made me love what I hated about photography, It made photography easier in every way. My photos became much better

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