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Everybody likes traveling specially Abroad. But sometimes the best thing is right beside you but you don't notice. I was surprised when I found a lot of people I know have never been to the pyramids! people travel half way round the world to see it! we dream about going to Paris and take a photo with Eiffel tower at the background and we have the most important site on the planet right over our shoulders. the below 5 places are not terribly hard to reach and won't require much of planning nor money.

1.Philae Temple

Take a cruise from Aswan to the Island of Philae and you will see a temple built by native pharaohs of the thirtieth dynasty. It was used after by every era Egypt has seen and has history and stories for thousands of years. It was home to Isis which is the most famous Ancient figure by all cultures.

  • Philae Temple
  • Philae Temple at night
  • Philae Temple at night

2. Gharb Sehiel Island

Gharb Sehiel is a Nubian Village in Aswan. it is home to Kenzy Nubians, the loveliest people on earth. they have Nubian homes which is hospital to everybody, some exotic spices and the best food. Their homes are also hotels which are better than anywhere else in Aswan. It is very easy to reach. just say Gharb Seheel from the Airport and its done!

3.Wady El Hitan

No I haven't been riding a came for days to reach this place. In fact this place is just 2 hours away from Cairo. Fayoum is just over 100KM from Cairo and then you can arrange with bedouins who work solely on tourism to wait for you and take you in the 4x4 cars to this magical place. 

4.Ras Shitan

Well Ras Shitan is not near and not of the easiest of rides. Its a 5-6 hour drive from Cairo, 30 KM after Taba. But when you reach there believe you will have a peace of mind that you have never felt before. It is a luxury camp. You feel like Camping when you stay in the beautiful huts but the place is equipped by clean toilets, amazing food and unparalleled sceneries- a 5 star camp. The sea is amazing, the weather is amazing, coral reefs are amazing. My all time favorite place

  • Ras Shitan's Beach
  • Ras Shitan - Sinai

5.Moez Street

Well you don't have the time to travel? this just in the Heart of Cairo. Its one of the most important streets in the world. Have the mosques and museums that only Istanbul can parallel. The street is only 15 min walk condensed with the oldest mosques in the world. Take a trip back in time and go to the Islamic Cairo for over 7 mosques, schools, old houses and a terrific museum called Textiles museums that have textiles from the 1920 back to 3000BC.

  • Barquq Mosque

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