Dahab - Beauty Above and Under - Mohamed Hakem's Photography

Dahab; the golden small town in Sinai 

Due to the insane prices and fakeness of the north coast, Dahab is nowadays a trending destination. Dahab should be a touristic capital, its the complete opposite of the north coast. Everyone do what he likes, I was moving around with my camera 24/7, others do diving, others just want to chill by the sea. You can simply do whatever you want without having any obligations, there is no “place to be” and you don’t need to get “fancy” or “wild” to have fun. Top diving sites are right off the shore, dinner can be as cheap as 25LE. All the shops and hotels there are mini projects owned by normal local people whom they offer very reasonable prices, not by massive companies which their sole purpose is to create a community and overprice everything. You can stay as cheap as 100LE per night in a good hotel. Life is simple there, nobody cares how you look or what you are doing; you can find people having lunch with their diving suits on. I wasn’t asked about my camera or the gear I carry unlike any other place in Egypt.

From a Photographers point of view Dahab is just amazing; you can capture underwater/street/night landscapes/stars. I only wanted to take the experience of shooting underwater but I found myself lugging my camera everywhere, I don’t have the diving experience or the specialized equipment of shooting underwater. I just wanted to take photos in the shallow waters and my aim was to capture the half landscape half underwater shot. I had my very humble snorkeling gear and an underwater housing which basically was a hardened plastic bag. All I have to do is walk 20 meters and dip myself anywhere that feels like going to another dimension. There are top diving sites that is globally recognized like the blue hole and the three pools, but for an amateur like me who will be amazed by any colored fish, anywhere was just amazing. Combining snorkeling and photography was a must do experience.

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