32 Pictures of The best place on Earth - Nubia (النوبة) - Mohamed Hakem's Photography

All pictures are shot with the Fuji XT-1 for more info about the gear, please refer to "about me" 

Nubia, or what we call it Nuba. What shall I say about Nuba? best place I’ve ever went to? at first let me tell you a little about Nuba. Nubian kingdom is an ancient kingdom that lived on par with Ancient Egypt, by Ancient I mean that the people lived there 10,000 years ago, yes Egypt’s culture goes to that extent. Egyptians conquered Nuba and Nuba conquered Egypt hundreds of times and not by the meaning of conquering in the modern world, the two cultures seamlessly molded to each other so that they became one. History till now doesn’t exactly know if Hashtipsut was Nubian or Egyptian, they had the same army,lifestyle, and they lived in peace throughout history.

The Nubians of nowadays still speak two languages from two different origins, one called Kenzy, the other Fejekawy. Not only did they conserve their traditions and culture, but they withstood very tough times peacefully. At first I thought Nuba is a city on its own but its not, its actually Aswan. After the building of the high dam, their lands either drown or dried, they had to move. some went to Sudan, others went north to Kumombo and some stayed. They Adapted, they survived and they accepted. Not only so, but they are convinced that the Dam is for a better Egypt and they are proud of it.

Enough of history, this is the best place you can ever go to! full stop! there are several Nubian villages in Aswan and they depend on tourism and agriculture. A serene view on the banks of the Nile, a touch of unparalleled nature, clean waters, massive culture and history, beautiful colors all around, cheap cheap cheap prices, you can have the best meals for less than 10$! there are several Nubian houses that has many rooms that have room service and can be booked via booking for 50$ per night. But that’s not what Nuba is all about. Its about the people.

The people there are from another world. They have extreme kindness, hospitality, generosity, simplicity, fun etc... In Nubian villages, the houses are big and spacious, you can enter any house, drink tea, watch around, and have a lovely conversation and go out. They will refuse to take money. There is nothing called robbery there, people leave their cars opened.

Time there is calculated differently! these people are not concerned with the time that modern world had created. People who live in the urban cities are the ones who are always concerned with time. To them it is measured by its quality, It doesn't matter that you can go to work while connected to tens of groups on whatsapp and doing lots of stuff at the same time, to them when they meet a person, they actually meet him! they sit and talk and spend lovely time together. Our modern life is concerned with efficiency and fighting time allover and trying to do more things in the same period of time, but thats not the Nature of living, its the nature of money making!. In Nuba, you will feel peacefulness and calmness you have never felt before.

All pictures Are taken by the Fuji X-T1 camera.

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