15 Pictures of a trip to Siwa - Mohamed Hakem's Photography

Siwa; the land of oracles, history and magic. a history that dates back to more than 12,000 years ago. Siwa is the most inhabited remote place in Egypt of nearly 25,000 Siwi, Siwis originally come from North African territories know as Amazighen so they speak Arabic and Amazighi. The first Amazighi to reach Siwa was around 1000 years ago. Before that it was with the Ancient Egyptian Lands and they have a temple on top of a mountain there. Siwa has extraordinary "out of this world" Nature, Lakes and Oasis. We went there with the adventurous team of Gazef to discover this amazing Oasis that lies 50KM from the Libyan border.

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All photos are captured by Fujifilm X-pro2 and XT-1

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